Video Cast

Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson

Cinematography/ Random Film Studio

About Mark Thompson:

Mark Thompson been involved with technology for over 30 years and maintains multiple careers as an IT Consultant, Video Producer and Educator.

In 2017 he formed Random Films Studios which is a group of talented individuals skilled in photography, music, lighting, staging, videography, directing and writing.

He is a YouTuber and is currently in post production of a year long Documentary project involving countless locations and interviews.

Mark Thompson has been the go to guy for McGee Leadership whenever video production is needed.

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Craig Blyther Jr.

Craig Blyther Jr.

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Joseph McGee

Joseph McGee

Author / Director

About Joseph McGee: 

I’m a local author residing in Connecticut and have published the following books:

  • Leadership Lessons Inspired By a 6 Year Old (November 2016)
  • The White House Is Fake (October 2017)

Working on these publications:

  • Letters for Annie: Memories from World War II (TBD 2018)
  • Reflections (Sci-Fi) Series

Director of the following productions:

  • White House Is Fake Videos (
  • What’s the Vibe Music Video

Actor in:

Leadership Lessons Video (SELF)

Follow me: 

James Malcolm

James Malcolm

Portraying Vic Lombardo

Lombardo, VIC:

He was a very smart man even though he never finished high school.  Country meant a lot to him. He was very talented when it came to taking care of the house.  He could fix anything, paint anything, build anything. He was also a very talented drummer.  He spent most of the three years that he was away during the war in the South Pacific. He died young at the age of 53 from a heart attack in 1979.

About James Malcolm:


  • John, Purgatory Falls, Mary Ferguson/MassArt, 2018
  • Auction Guest, Romance at Reindeer Lodge, Synthetic Cinema, 2017
  • Deli Owner, Piece of Plastic, Karan Shetty/Boston University, 2017
  • Polka Dancer, A Very Merry Toy Store, Synthetic Cinema International, 2017
  • Bar Patron, I Feel Pretty, Abby Kohn/Mark Silverstein/Voltage Pictures, 2017
  • Movie Theater Patron, Daddy’s Home 2, Paramount Pictures, 2017
  • 1930s Red Sox Fan, The Catcher was a Spy, Ben Lewin/Animus Films, 2017
  • Wrestling Fan, Saving Christmas, Tom DeNucci, 2017
  • Trump Heckler, Make America Great, Raouf Zaki/RA Vision Productions, 2017
  • Skater, Brad’s Status, Mike White/Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, 2017
  • Photographer, Chappaquiddick, John Curran/Apex Entertainment, 2017
  • National Guardsman, Detroit, Kathryn Bigelow/Annapurna Pictures, 2017
  • Red Sox Fan, Stronger, David Gordon Green/Summit Entertainment, 2016
  • Marathon Spectator, Patriots Day, Peter Berg/CBS Films, 2016
  • Hal (Lead), The Lobster Pot, Jasper Yeo/Emerson College, 2015
  • Dallas Pedestrian, Joy, David O. Russell/20th Century Fox, 2015
  • Waiting Room Guest, The Meter, Evan Yee/Emerson College, 2014
  • Infected Student, Anti Morphic, Courtney Nowobilski/MassArt, 2014


  • Jeremy, Spinning My Reality, Josh Leathe, 2018
  • Mugger, High School (S2E1: “Prom”), Emily Wood, 2018
  • Overdose Victim, Paragods (“The Incognito Incident”), Shawn Allen, 2017
  • Bar Patron, SMILF, Showtime Networks, 2017
  • Board Member, The Cars that Made America, A&E Networks, 2017


  • College Grad, Untitled RI Commerce Spot, Reflection Pictures, 2017
  • Restaurant Patron, Untitled Staples Rewards Spot, Angelwood Pictures, 2017
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Mary Paolino

Mary Paolino

Portraying Annie Connerton (2007)

Connerton, Annie:

She was a very soft spoken woman and never had any children. Annie was the recipient of many letters from Pat, John, Tony, and Vic during World War II. Based on the letters written Annie was highly regarded and loved by her family with the letters showing her as an important loving family member. This book is dedicated to Annie Connerton. Annie passed away in 2007.

About Mary Paolino:

Sr. Mary Ignatius​​Sr. Mary Ignatius Explains It All​C. Plonka/Arctic Playhouse
House Arrest​​​Alice Waters/Prosecutor​​J. Pitts-Wiley/Epic Theatre
Golden Girls Parody​​Blanche​​​​K. Lester/Epic Theatre
Bedroom Plays​​Emcee​​​​​T. Brown/Epic Theatre
Doubt​​​​Sr. Aloysius​​​​E. Barbato/Pawtucket
These Ruthless Bitches​Mother​ (Supporting)​​​T. Brown/Epic Theatre
The Busy World is Hushed​Hannah​​​​T. Gearing/Epic Theatre
Angels in America​​Ethel, Angel, Ensemble​​K. Broccoli, J. Jones/Epic
Romeo & Juliet​​Nurse​​​​​B. Colonna/TRIST
MacBeth​​​Hecate​​​​​B. Colonna/TRIST
All This Intimacy​​Maureen (Supporting)​​​R. Roy/Next Generation
Nuts​​​​Court stenographer​​​E. Rondeau/Players
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof​​Big Mama​​​​R. Pitts-Wiley/Mixed Magic
Comedy of Errors​​Adriana​​​​R. Pitts-Wiley/Mixed Magic
Mary Stuart​​​Hannah​​​​K. Broccoli/Epic Theatre
La Cage aux Folles​​Mme. Dindon​​​​M. Farrelly/Academy
Social Security​​Trudy​​​​​E. Koch/City Nights

The Mailbox Fairy​​Lead​​​​​P. Trikoulis/PT Prod.
Cost of the Living​​Mom​​​​​D. White/LTJ Prod.
Frankenstein (48HFP)​​Lead​​​​​R. Griffin/Scorpio Films
Don’t Ask Alice (48HFP)​Lead​​​​​L. Pepper/Peppered Prod.
Motherlove​​​Lead​​​​​R. Griffin/J. Scharf Prod.

Red Circles​​​Recurring​​​​S. Chitwood/Angelwood
World’s Worst Director​Series Regular​​​​S. Chitwood/Angelwood
Family Problems​​Recurring​​​​S. Chitwood/Angelwood
Rhyme Therapy​​Series Regular​​​​M. Johnson/MJ Films

Clients include Lifespan, Ocean State Job Lot, BedJet, RI Economic Development Corp.

Scene Study with Fred Sullivan, Jr., Carlton Colyer, Wendy Chapin, and Ricardo Pitts-Wiley
Jazz dance with Elaine Colaneri

Dance: Aerobics, jazz, Zumba, swing


Rony Lucas

Rony Lucas

Portraying Lawrence Brown
Sam Deans

Sam Deans

Portraying German Officer # 2

Portraying German Officer #2

Justin Tolliver

Justin Tolliver

Portraying Captain Robbins

Portraying Captain Robbins..

Liberty Gléz

Liberty Gléz

Portraying Nurse Pamela Clifford

Portraying Nurse Pamela Clifford whom found Annie Connerton passing.

Ted Sterner

Ted Sterner

Portraying Drunk Lawyer

Ted Sterner will be portraying our drunk lawyer who hit Tony Lombardo with his car after the war.

Matthew Bunker

Matthew Bunker

Portraying Lt. Commander Harper

Andre Barnes

Andre Barnes

Portraying— “The Boxing Champ”

“The Champ” — Tony Lombardo put his boxing skills to the test by fighting the boxing champ in Mindanao Island.

Danielle Francine

Danielle Francine

Portraying Natalie Lombardo

Portraying Natalie Lombardo whom was Tony Lombardo’s Wife.


Phil ‘Skippy’ Adams

Phil ‘Skippy’ Adams

Special Effects
Benjamin Fortier

Benjamin Fortier

Portraying Neal
Matthew Morin

Matthew Morin

Portraying Kyle

Kyle: In Italy the rescue mission was set for Kyle..

Pat Lombardo and his unit rescued Kyle and lifted him up to the top of the mountains in Italy to safety.


Logan Raposo

Logan Raposo

Portraying John Lombardo

LOMBARDO, JOHN: He was tall, good looking young man, who was part of a very close knit family. There was nothing he would not do for them. He was never critical and always defended the family. John had many friends. He loved a good joke, playing cards, sports, a cold beer and Italian food. He always said he skipped 2 grades in school, the last two. John served in the Navy during WWII and the Korean Conflict. He was stationed in Florida and Hawaii. His wife Rose stayed in Hartford awaiting his return… Unfortunately, she died during child birth in 1946. Seven years later he married Marilyn, and had two more children. Once discharged, John had many jobs until he joined the West Hartford Post Office. He worked there for over 30 years. John always had older cars, that his brother, Frank, would fix weekly. He enjoyed hanging around the gas station where his brothers and friends would stop by. Every vacation the family would start out, the car would break down, we would fix it and carry on.. He passed away in 1988, at 67 years old, and is missed.

About Logan Raposo:

Sal DelGreco

Sal DelGreco

Fight coordinator

About Sal DelGreco:

  • Screenplay Manager of — The Sparrow Falling Tv Show
Celia Cataldo

Celia Cataldo

Production Manager



 2018 Letters for Annie: Memories from World War II (Short) (production manager) (pre-production)
 2013 The House Across the Street (production manager)
 2018 The Groundskeeper (art department production assistant) (post-production)
 2012 That’s My Boy (post-production assistant)
 2018 Magic Mirror (Short) (sound)
2012 The Repo Girl (TV Series short) (production assistant – 1 episode)
Bake McBrick and His Convertible (2012) … (production assistant)
Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson


About Andrew Thompson

George McTyre

George McTyre

Portraying US Postmaster

About the Postmaster:

Served as the Postmaster for Tony Lombardo in West Hartford, CT. Provided Tony the ELT award for his services as a post officer worker.

About George McTyre:


Stephen Stapinski

Stephen Stapinski

Portraying Tony Lombardo (2007)

About Tony Lombardo (2007)

In 2007, Annie Connerton called John Lombardo in a frantic to come visit her immediately and to bring a box of war letters dating back to the 1940’s that were in John’s possession. Upon arriving Annie told John she started to have vivid flashbacks after watching the movie, “Letters from Iwo Jima,” that was shown during a local hospice movie event at her facility. She told John to call Tony and get down to the facility ASAP. She wanted to read the letters and share the Lombardo memories with then before these flashbacks go away. This was Annie’s dying wish. The legacy of Vic Lombardo, Pat Lombardo, Tony Lombardo, and John Lombardo must be told. This is the untold story of the Lombardo Family Letters.

About Stephen Stapinski
Born and brought up in Northeastern Massachusetts, I was both a musician and athlete, attended colleges in Massachusetts and Atlanta Ga,and developed a huge portfolio of life experiences before moving to New York. I was educated and worked as an actor in Boston and then New York, I have been employed as a Construction Engineer, Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor, College Professor and have actively been involved in development of residential and commercial Real Estate.

In addition to running several companies as President of the firm, I have been involved in local charities and served as the member of the Board of Directors of schools and colleges, Chambers of Commerce and philanthropic groups such as the Kiwanis. I have served as an appointed member of several Municipal Committees and Boards and have been involved in local, state and federal politics as the treasurer of a Congressional Candidate Campaign, of a City and Town Political Party Committee, as a consultant to the Secretary of Labor on overseas investment in Poland, and local political advisor to a governor and a president of the United States.

A licensed pilot, boat captain, and an eagle scout I still play keyboards, am athletic, have a good understanding of leadership, the environment and the world around me.

Steve’s resume can be found here > RESUME

Mauricio Viteri

Mauricio Viteri

Portraying German Solider 2


German Solider:

During Operation Encore an infantry unit used baby artilery on Pat Lombardo’s unit in Italy. While Pat and his unit were evacuating an injured Solider — a few German soldiers went to intercept their unit.

About Mauricio Viteri:


Justin Fortin

Justin Fortin

Portraying Lt. Commander Junior

About “Junior”:

One of Vic Lombardo’s commanding officer that turned into a revenge tale.

About Justin Fortin:


Amber Namery

Amber Namery

Portraying Annie Connerton (Young)

Annie Connerton:

During World War II – Annie received hundreds of War Letters from her brothers who served in the military. This story will showcase the stories of the Lombardo Family Letters with Annie telling their story.

About Amber Namery:

Amber Namery is an actress, known for This Is How It Starts (2016), Seeds (2018) and Tales to Line the Coffin (2017).


Ronnie White

Ronnie White

Portraying Captain Edwards

About Captain Edwards:

Serving as Vic Lombardo’s Captain during World War II. They served on BB-63 USS Missouri.

Mike Scott

Mike Scott

Portraying C/O Sergeant Reynolds

About C/O Sergeant Reynolds

In March 1945 — Sergeant Reynolds gave Pat Lombardo and his unit a mission that would prove me the most difficult task in Italy.

Tommy Fury

Tommy Fury

Portraying Tony Lombardo

About Tony Lombardo:

Tony was the beloved husband of Natalie (Bascetta) Lombardo who passed in 1976 after 29 years of marriage. He was born on October 20, 1928 in Hartford, CT a son of the late Vincenzo and Grace (Ciurcina) Lombardo he resided in Enfield for 32 years before moving to Boynton Beach, FL where he resided for 17 years and in Wilbraham, MA for the past 3 1/2 years. Tony served his country honorably with the US Navy during World War II. Prior to retiring many years ago he was a mail carrier for the East Hartford, CT Postal Service for 30 years. He was an excellent carpenter and a great drummer

About Tommy Fury

Actor in “The Sparrow Falling” as Sindarin, the Crystal Mage.

Tommy’s IMDB page at > Click here

Joe Wilkicki

Joe Wilkicki

Portraying John Lombardo (2007)

Lombardo, John (Present) – In 2007 John Lombardo received a frantic phone call from Annie demanding they read the letters together as her dying wish. John Lombardo brings a box of war letters to a local hospice in 2007. He wants to share the memories with Annie Connerton before she passes away.



Christopher Silva

Christopher Silva

Portraying Leon Grabowsky

Grabowsky, Leon:

Former Lt. Commander. Recently promoted to Captain of the USS Mason (DE-529). He graduated from the Naval Academy at Annapolis in 1941 and was posted as an ensign aboard the ill-fated battleship Arizona. He escaped the fate of 1,177 fellow sailors because he was ordered ashore for a routine physical when the Pearl Harbor attack occurred. He went on to participate in some of the war’s most decisive and bloody battles. He was a 27-year-old lieutenant and executive officer of the destroyer Leutze when the captain was seriously wounded in the battle for Iwo Jima. Grabowsky took command of the Leutze in a harrowing battle at Okinawa and managed to keep the Leutze and its badly damaged sister ship, the Newcomb, afloat, despite an intense kamikaze attack. He saved both ships and most of the crews, earning the Navy Cross. After the Newcomb and Leutze his last command was on US Mason for a short time as Captain.

About Christoper: TBA

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Patrick McGee

Patrick McGee

Portraying Patrick Lombardo


Pat was born on June 21, 1923 in Lawrence, MA to Vincent and Grace (Ciurcina) Lombardo. He moved to Hartford at six months of age and had fond memories of growing up in the Front Street area. Pat attended the Brown School and Hartford High School. He worked for a time at United Tool and Die and entered the Army in January, 1943. He proudly served his country during World War II, serving with the 1st Armored Division in Italy and Africa. He also served in the Fifth Army and the Sixty Infantry Division. Pat was awarded two Bronze Stars for bravery, one for carrying his comrade to safety. He was proud to have been chosen to be a personal guard to General Eisenhower. Pat was a member of the Disabled American Veterans. After the war, Pat joined the United States Postal Service with three of his brothers and worked in the East Hartford Post Office until he retired in 1984, after working the same route for 22 years. His postal patrons gave him a hero’s celebration when he retired and they never forgot him.

About Pat McGee: 

Pat portrayed SAM (DOT) Worker in The White House Is Fake Film at 

Martin Herman

Martin Herman

Portraying Tony Lombardo (After War)

Tony Lombardo (After War):

Tony served his country honorably with the US Navy during World War II. Prior to retiring many years ago he was a mail carrier for the East Hartford, CT Postal Service for 30 years. He was an excellent carpenter and a great drummer.

About Martin Herman:

Martin Herman was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and currently lives in Connecticut, midway up a small mountain.

For more than forty years he led a series of start-ups and troubled businesses towards stronger bottom line results, here and abroad.

Although he has written and published articles and short stories under a series of pen names since his early teens, it was not until he approached his 75th birthday that he published his first full length mystery novel, “The Jefferson Files – the expanded edition”. It was quickly followed by “The Hidden Treasure Files”, “The Sweet Revenge Files”, and with his daughter, a published poet, Aimee Herman, “A Very Special Dress & Other Stories”.

He is currently writing a fourth novel in his Will James Mysteries series as well as a business basics book with his daughter, Jessica Weitz.




Benjamin Vargas

Benjamin Vargas

Kendell Casto, PVT- 5th Army Infantry

Casto, Kendell PVT— 5th Army Infantry Division

It was March of 1945 in Italy. Kendell was part of Pat Lombardo’s unit and was assigned to join Pat Lombardo’s squad for evac Unit. He soon realized a neighboring unit was in trouble and was stuck between a live unswept mine field who had taken cover after being shot by the enemy.

About Benjamin Vargas: 

Benjamin Vargas Reyes is an army veteran that served in Ft. Bragg NC. He was in the 1st 321 field artillery airborne regiment.   He has worked as a heavy equipment mechanics for over three years overseas for the DOD. Benjamin recently started a new career in the IT field.

He have participated in many aspects of live theater, from stage managing and lighting, to performing on stage with the cast.   He has performed in Young Frankenstein, The Addams family and Anything Goes. He has stage managed The Producers by Mel Brooks and assisted managed Brigadoon and Ruddigore.

Brian Masters

Brian Masters

Pfc. Jack E Barnhart- Sixth Army Infantry

Pfc. Jack E Barnhart:

It was March of 1945 in Italy. Jack was part of Pat Lombardo’s unit and was assigned Machine gun guard for over 60 hours without sleep. He soon realized a neighboring unit was in trouble and was stuck between a live unswept mine field who had taken cover after being shot by the enemy.

Jack laid gun fire while his unit evacuated the injured man back to safety. While taking gun fire they moved upwards towards the mountain peak. Being the incline was hard to navigate he switched with Pat taking turns carrying the injured up the mountain.

About Brian Masters:

Film Work: 
The Catcher Was a Spy as  baseball fan extra
Ghostbusters 2016 as oncert goer extra sony
Live By night as news reporter extra kiki tree pictures
Stronger hocky  as fan extra and runner
Patriots Day as FBI extra CBS Films inc
Joy award show gust as extra fox
Detroit national guard as extra sheepherder dog llc
Daddy home as 2 bowler extra
Chappaquiddick as staffer extra

Yefim Somin

Yefim Somin

Portraying Pat Lombardo (After War)

About Pat Lombardo (After War):

After the war, Pat joined the United States Postal Service with three of his brothers and worked in the East Hartford Post Office until he retired in 1984, after working the same route for 22 years. His postal patrons gave him a hero’s celebration when he retired and they never forgot him.

About Yefim Somin:

Film and TV

  • The Russian Bride Yuri (Support) Michael S. Ojeda
  • The Cars That Made America General Motors Board Member History Channel
  • Thomas Vice Principal Suggs Strange Place Prd
  • The 4th Day Evil Spirit (Lead) Love & Respect Entertain.
  • Mystic Vacation Boris, European Tourist (Lead ) Tango Pictures
  • Under the Stache Evil Doctor (Support) Farhat Farhat
  • WLOL Mr.Y, Disco Owner (Support) Brilliant Gem Prd.
  • The Fastest, Most Male Interviewee #2 – Arrogant Shane Butler
  • Romantic Love Yet Baby-Boomer (Support)
  • Brute Sanity Dr. Shajber (Support) Imaginary Danger Prd.
  • The Folklorist TV series:
  • The Great Brant Rock Fire Marshfield Town Selectman NewTV
  • Assassin Nation Baltimore Businessman NewTV


  • HubSpot Spokesman Old Harbor Productions
  • Astellas Pharma Senior Chess Player Marcom Global Vision
  • Healthcare Ed Video Pain Management Patient Cobweb Films for Titleist
  • Fallon Community Health Plan Birthday Party Guest Fallon Community HP
  • Delsys Avanti Video Physiotherapy Patient Glass Ink Media


  • Strong Poison (by D.Sayers) Rev. Arthur Boyes The Slackville Players
  • Barstool Stories Bartender Rob Wicked Pissah PrdBeijing Internet Café Manager Su (Lead ) Dartmouth College (performed in Mandarin Chinese & French)
  • Play in a Day Festival 2017 Dad Hovey Players
  • Play In A Day (PIAD) Jack Michael Gonza
  • Staged Readings with Boston Playwrights (BP):
  • Switcheroo at the Third Pew Jack Bouvier (Lead) BP Theater
  • Kafka Theodore Herzl BP Platform
Ahmed Harby

Ahmed Harby

Portraying Bill Rhoades

Bill Rhoades- Served alongside Vic Lombardo from 1943-1945 as a Seaman 2c.

About Ahmed Hardy:

To be updated..